Charging System
S/N or UserAccount:
Card_NO :
Auth Code :    Change Pic
  • Query SN valid period: Input SN and Auth Code, then click "query" button.
  • Query Card_NO usage: Input Card_NO and Auth Code, then click "query" button.
  • Do Charging: Input SN, Card_NO and Auth Code, then click "charge" button.
  • Refresh SKS: Input SN and Auth Code, then click "refresh sks" button. Will resend sks charge data.
    1) After taking action, please reboot your device.
    2) The system is transitioning to MangoCoin. The new selling codes are limited to (T, S, W) only, but all existing codes in the system remain functional.
    3) If your device's share name contains '.IM' and charge with VIP, you will have access to Sky (DE and UK).
    4) Warning: Do not use your device for re-broadcasting IPTV, DVB-T, or Local-Ku content. Violation will result in device blockage and non-refundable code forfeiture.
    5) Resellers, if you notice a watermark indicating restreaming in the top right corner appearing intermittently, kindly send a photo to We will block the offending devices to safeguard our cards and VIP users.
    6)Dear VIP Users,Due to some unavoidable reasons, some of our VIP users have experienced program instability, which our team deeply regrets. Therefore, we have decided to extend the validity period of users whose subscriptions are currently valid from February 10, 2024, to May 10, 2024, by an additional 10 days as a small compensation. We appreciate your long-term support and trust, and our team will strive to improve the stability of our services.Thank you for your understanding and patience.